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John C. Calhoun SSBN-630 - History

John C. Calhoun SSBN-630 - History

John C. Calhoun

(SSB(N)-630 dp. 7,250; 1. 425'; b. 33', dr. 31'5"
s. over 20 k.; cpl. 136; a. 16 Poll mist; cl. Lafagette)

John C. Calhoun (SSB(N) ~630) was laid down by Newport News Shipbuilding & Dry Dock Co., Newport News, V a., 4 June 1962; launched 22 June 1963, sponsored by Miss Rosalie J. Calhoun, great great granddaughter of John C. Calhoun; and commissioned 15 September 1964, Comdr. Dean L. Axene (blue crew) and Comdr. Frank Thurtell (gold crew) in command.

After shakedown and training along the Atlantic coast, John C. Calhoun began operational patrols 22 March 1965. Assigned to Submarine Squadron 18, she deployed on classified under~ea patrols to bolster the continuing "keeping the peace" efforts of the Navy Armed with deadly, farranging Polaris missiles, this nuclear-powered submarine helps maintain the freedom of the seas by guarding them from beneath the waves. Moreover, the lethal might of her ballistic weapons makes her a powerful deterrent against any potential aggressor; no matter how far from global waters the threat to world peace might be, John C. Calho~n stands ready to meet the challenge. At present she continues her patrols as part of the mighty undersea deterrent force.