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Glendon Scott Crawford: Killing Obama with an X-Ray Gun

Glendon Scott Crawford: Killing Obama with an X-Ray Gun

The following article on Glendon Scott Crawford is an excerpt from Mel Ayton's Hunting the President: Threats, Plots, and Assassination Attempts-From FDR to Obama.

In 2013, forty-nine-year-old Glendon Scott Crawford and fifty-four-year-old Eric Feight planned to build an X-ray gun to target Muslims. But they also intended to kill President Obama with a lethal dose of radiation, “silently and from a distance,” using their planned machine. They targeted the president because he “had allowed Muslims into the U.S.”

Crawford traveled to North Carolina in October 2012 and asked for money for the weapon from a ranking member of the Ku Klux Klan. Crawford also approached Jewish organizations looking for funding and people to help him with technology that could be used to surreptitiously deliver damaging and even lethal doses of radiation against those he considered enemies of Israel. Both the KKK leader and the Jewish leaders tipped off the FBI, and the Crawford/Freight plot was infiltrated by two undercover FBI agents who supplied the would-be assassins with machine parts.

In a secret recording of a meeting between Crawford and the undercover agents, Crawford said, “I don't want money. You know what? After the last election the electoral process is dead.” Crawford and Freight were arrested in June 2013 after Crawford tried to connect a remote activation device to an X-ray machine. But the machine had been rendered inoperable by agents. Prosecutor John Duncan said, “From our investigation, the device… would have been capable of emitting X-Ray radiation that would have caused death.